What Makes a Good Woman?

Boreas by John William Waterhouse

We have lost sight in this day and age of the characteristics of a good woman. We hear every day about strong, empowered women, but how often do we hear about virtuous women? I myself will often criticize the behavior of women, but we need to focus on the positive traits to aim for as well. What does it take to become a virtuous woman?

Here, for you, I have outlined nine characteristics of a virtuous woman.

Humility: A good woman is humble. She knows when to take credit for her work and when to let others shine. She does not boast about all of her positive traits and instead lets them speak for themselves. She graciously accepts compliments without letting them go to her head. She shows gratitude for the hard work of others.

Nurturing: A good woman knows how to care for those around her. If someone is sick, she is there tending to them. If someone needs a shoulder to cry on or someone to listen to their woes, she can provide. She is aware of the needs of others and can put them before hers.

Kindness: A good woman is kind to those around her, regardless of how others treat them. She treats everyone politely and respectfully, even if they are gruff or unattractive. She shows special care for her loved ones. She is thoughtful.

Cooperative: A good woman works well with others and knows how to get others to get along. She is the tempering force between competing personalities. She cooperates with her man, and helps him get along better with others. She is always willing to lend a helping hand.

Loyal: A good woman is loyal. This is often seen as a masculine virtue, so it is even more revered when embodied by a woman. Though the turbulent emotions of womanhood can sometimes leave our whims to whip in the wind, a good woman can overcome this and be a steady force for her loved ones. She is devoted to her family and is reliable.

Beautiful: A good woman is beautiful. Beauty may seem superficial, but it is a virtue and one that can be cultivated. We cannot choose our genetic lot in life, but we can cultivate our bodies and our appearances to present our best possible selves to the world. A good woman knows that virtue is better received from a source of beauty.

Domestic Abilities: A good woman should be domestic. She should be able to keep a nice home and fill it with delicious, wholesome food. She should create a soft landing space for her family, the nest for her loved ones to fly home to.

Honesty: A good woman speaks the truth. It may not always be easy, but through her honesty she builds a solid foundation in her relationships that cannot be easily broken. She will sometimes have to tell the truth at the expense of her own ego, but ultimately the truth will serve her well.

Spiritual: A good woman knows how to connect with the divine. She knows that there is a force beyond herself that gives her the feminine energy that shapes her, and she is humbled by this understanding. She lets this force guide her actions and encourage her in times of weakness.

Virtue takes many shapes and is not created overnight. To become the best woman you can be, you must cultivate your behavior over years. Read this list to remind yourself what to strive for, and never stop trying to become a more virtuous woman.

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