How to Give the Perfect Gift

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Gift-giving is a perinneal challenge for everyone, but it's an especially important topic for the woman looking to improve her feminine charms. However, many women struggle to get this right and are constantly wondering what to give the people in their lives. Luckily, over the years I have observed some excellent (and many more less skilled) gift-givers at work and have picked up some pretty good guidelines.

First off, one thing you need to understand is that the kind of gift you give is going to vary depending on the person. There are great gifts for acquaintances, friends and family, and for those who have everything. While some gifts you can give to anyone, knowing your own relationships is the first step to giving a well-received gift.

For Acquaintances: Gifts for an acquaintance need not be difficult. Just because you don't know them well doesn't mean you need to be at a loss. For people you don't know, think simple, small, and edible! You may not know this person well enough to understand their specific habits and tastes, but you do know this: everyone eats and drinks! Some people of course do not drink alcohol and some are on special diets, but in general you can be pretty safe with one of these things. Think bottles of wine or fancy chocolates. Bonus points if you make it yourself! I have gotten into the habit of making a various kinds of nut brittle every Christmas. Everyone loves it and it's cost-effective. Try going for something they wouldn't come across every day and probably wouldn't spend the money on. That doesn't mean it needs to be wildly expensive; you can buy a box of the best chocolates for around $30, and there are plenty of other options for much less.

For Close Friend and Family: I like to think of buying gifts for those close to me as detective work. I am always listening for little comments these people make about products they like, things they want, and what items they prefer. Knowing someone's favorite confection, or that they love to burn incense, or that they love turquoise will help you when it comes time to find something special for them. When you do this, you will also always have an eye out at the store for something that has their name on it.

For the Picky Recipient and for Those Who Have Everything: Some people just seem impossible to buy for. Dads seem to be a primary culprit for this category, those people who work hard, buy what they want when they want it and what they need when they need it, but in general don't want for much. This is the case when you must once again think edible, handmade, and even practical. Sometimes baking a cake for someone's wedding is a better gift than anything you could buy (this is a personal example...I don't expect you to bake a wedding cake!). I have before given my man bourbon and elk meat. He said it was one of the best gifts he'd ever gotten. Then there's the practical stuff. It might not seem romantic to you, but for these kinds of people, it will appeal to their sensibilities. I can think of many men (and some women) who would appreciate getting bullets as a gift. And for the picky people especially--they would rather get a gift card to a store they like than have you pick out the wrong sweater or binoculars.

Notice that nowhere in this article did I say you needed to save up your money to buy someone the latest iWatch or a diamond necklace. Great gift-giving has nothing to do with expense and everything to do with the thoughtfulness of what you give. When in doubt, giving something hand-made is bound to go over well. Additionally, in my experience, it's better to give more thoughtful gifts less often than it is to give a gift on every occasion. Getting something that is perfect for you once every three years is much more memorable and special than getting something generic twice a year.

A lot of gift-giving comes down to paying attention to those around you. Once you start observing others more carefully, it becomes apparent what will and won't appeal to them.

Happy gift-giving!


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