Throw a Ladies' Brunch and Spa Day on a Budget

essential oils and mint

What gal doesn't love a nice spa day or a good brunch? Not many that I've met. This past weekend, I threw a ladies' brunch and spa day, and it was a hit! What really struck me was how inexpensive it was since I made almost everything myself. I'm not 100% sure of the amount I spent as many of the ingredients were picked up with other groceries, but I'm pretty sure it all added up to about $30. A lot of it was stuff I already had on hand, so if you had none of this at all on hand it would probably amount to about $50-$60. The most expensive items are the essential oils, which I already had.

If you don't have these items or don't like what I've chosen, you don't have to follow my exact menu. The beauty of DIY spa supplies and home cooking is that you can tailor it to the ingredients you have on hand. I basically spent 15 minutes googling recipes for spa materials until I settled on some recipes I liked; there's nothing special about what I've chosen.

I did have each of the three guests bring a food item to lighten the load on me a bit, though the lady the party was held for did not have to provide anything.

So what was on the menu?


Mushroom Goat Cheese Quiche (made by me)

Home Fries (made by me)

Fruit Salad (provided by a guest)

Doughnuts (because what classy brunch doesn't have doughnuts? also provided by a guest)

Bloody Marys (provided by a guest)

Mimosas (provided by a guest)

Spa Day:

Strawberry, basil, lemon water

Lavendar Sugar scrub

Coconut honey hair masks

Honey cinnamon lemon face masks

Clay face mask

Face oil

Foot soak

(All made by me)



I used this recipe for the quiche, subbing mushrooms and goat cheese for Gruyere and bacon. I used my standard pie crust recipe for it (just make sure to take out the sugar!). Since the dough recipe makes two crusts, I went ahead and doubled the quiche recipe to have one for dinner one night.

Home fries:

These are a favorite of mine for breakfast. They are tricky if you don't know the right method, but very simple if you do. I usually cut up about four potatoes into half-inch cubes. Heat up about a tablespoon of fat in a pan over medium high, and WHEN THE PAN IS HOT put in the potatoes. DO NOT STIR them for three minutes. Then stir. Wait another three minutes. (Waiting three minutes before stirring is essential to browning the potatoes.) Do this process for about 10 minutes, then put a lid on them, turning the heat to medium low. Leave for 10 minutes. Check for softness and season to your tastes. I usually use salt, paprika, garlic powder, and a little cayenne.


Strawberry, basil, lemon water:

This is exactly what it sounds like. I probably used four cut up strawberries, one lemon, and a few leaves of basil for a gallon of water. You can use any fruit you like. Squeeze or crush on or two pieces of the fruit into the water to enhance the flavor.

Lavendar sugar scrub:

1c granulated sugar

4 Tbsp refined coconut oil

10-15 drops essential oil (I used lavendar)

Melt the coconut oil ~30sec in the microwave, stir in the essential oils, and then mix in sugar.

Coconut honey hair mask:

1Tbsp honey

1Tbsp coconut oil

Melt coconut oil and mix in honey. I wasn't able to get them to combine, so I just stirred it alot before use. Leave in your hair 20min-overnight. This recipe is for one person with shoulder length hair.

Honey cinnamon lemon face mask:

2Tbsp honey

1tsp cinnamon

1tsp fresh lemon juice

Mix all ingredients together. Leave on face for 15-20 min. This recipe is for one person.

Clay masks:

Aztec healing clay

Apple cider vinegar

Mix and apply according to package instructions.

Face oil:

7oz baby oil

20 drops ylang ylang oil

15 drops lavendar oil

100 drops tea tree oil

Mix all oils. Use as a moisturizer or a cleanser. To cleanse face, wet face with warm water and pat dry. Rub about half a teaspoon of oil on face, then wipe off with warm, wet towel. Leave excess as moisturizer.

Now this stuff I use daily and I absolutely swear by its skin healing powers. A tiny patch of skin got pulled off my chin Sunday night, and by Tuesday morning it had already healed and flaked off. This stuff will seriously make your skin heal 3x faster.

Foot soak:

I bought five 98 cent plastic tubs at Walmart and put hot water in them. Voila! Foot tub.

It took a little time to prepare this stuff (about 1-2hrs shopping and 2 hours preparing the quiche and spa supplies) the day before, but it was totally worth it to save the money I would have had to spend buying supplies from Sephora (I cringe at the thought) or from a bakery. The party was a great success and we all emerged well fed, almost tipsy, and with glowing skin and soft hair.

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